How to become popular in Tik Tok from scratch without cheating

1. Subscribe to other users, tik tok views.
Don’t ignore the accounts of other bloggers. Browse through new products, scroll through the feed. Subscribe to the channels that really interest you. Perhaps their owners will do the same in return. And you will be able to increase the number of subscribers without cheating.

2. Communicate with other ticktockers
To get effective promotion rules, communicate with ticktockers. Be ready at first to make money for advertising your account.

3. Hashtag
Many social networks suggest using hashtags as the most effective way to attract an audience. Relevant tags increase the audience, allowing everyone to find what they need. If you can’t come up with them yourself at first, look at how already famous bloggers do it. Make sure that the hashtag matches the main idea of the video.

4. Announce the video on other social networks
Before you launch a new video in Tik Tok, make an announcement on other social networks. Especially if there is a large audience. Invite you to go to a new page, view the video, leave a comment, and subscribe to your account. You will have to really try to create intrigue, motivate others to follow the link. The method is not the fastest, but it is effective with due perseverance.

5. Comment on someone else’s video
Active comments are another good way to quickly increase the demand and popularity of the page. Watch the video and write your reviews about it. This way, you can get to know others and hope for their subscription. To lead interesting conversations with the owner of the channel that might be willing to share the secrets of success. It is important to try just to write something. It is advisable to think about your comment, try to come up with a witty statement. But don’t get personal, create a conflict situation.

6. Respond to every remark addressed to you
Don’t ignore the comments below the video. Respond to reviews that you leave on other pages. Be sociable and patient. Defend your positions, but do not turn to rudeness and showdown.

7. Positive attitude and self-confidence
Depressing videos, constant stuttering, and a lack of basic understanding of working on camera are terribly annoying. Such videos will not bring the desired result. Before downloading, carefully review the material. Honestly admit to the bad moments. Develop a plan to deal with them.

8. Analyze the response
Analyzing statistics and the number of visits is an important job. Check the data for at least 1 week. Some videos collect a huge number of likes, while others remain almost unnoticed. To understand the causes of the phenomenon, analyze the situation. Select the main audience, determine which topic is closer to them. The theme, which is repeated a number of times did not succeed Express in the past, do not waste time on them.

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